Pam Britton

Hi, I’m Pam.   I’m a Mother and Grandma.   I am retired from the workforce (Gov’t Service Administration), but not from life. (That’s me in the pic sitting on my front step with Bindi my Jack Russell Terrier).  I’m an active member of what originally was a Housing Co-operative and as well as being a tenant, spent quite a few years helping to run it in the posisitions of Secretary, Director and on committees.  My favourite activity was as a sort of Property Manager.  We only had about 30 properties then, but now we have amalgamated with three other cooperatives, properties number about 100, so that’s too big for volunteers to handle, so we formed a company and now have paid staff.   I’m still active on committees though, and organise information meetings for local members.

I love reading, movies, good food, good humour and people in general.  I also love to write, but honestly not sure that my ramblings will be of interest to anyone other than myself, so let’s all give it a try – what have we got to lose??








2 thoughts on “Pam Britton”

  1. This a good start, Pam but you have so much more to offer. You need to choose whether you write a book or add it here. Just having another inspection .

  2. In truth, I had overlooked this page in my hurry to create my web site. Point well taken though, Alan. Thanks.

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