Bon Voyage my darling girl.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The last few weeks have been taken up almost entirely by my Grand daughter Jessica’s first foray overseas. Armed with a five-year Ancestry visa, she flew out of Brisbane with plans to stay away for at least two years – possibly forever. That’s the scarey bit, for me. I’ll have to do everything I can to save enough to get over there and visit before I shuffle off this earth – I simply cannot bear the thought that I may never see this gorgeous girl of ours again.I’m happy for her that at last she has taken this great step to independance, and I know it will be absolutely marvellous for her to taste Europe and its wonderful history – but still I’m selfish enough to hope that two years away will be enough, and she will come scuttling back home with a greater appreciation for all that Australia and family has to offer.
Meanwhile, the weather has cooled into a delicious autumn, and I am getting busy again with the garden. Some of the Banana trees have been removed and in their place I have planted potatoes (always wanted to grow my own spuds!) and various other things. Also have a couple of beautiful, brightly coloured Hibiscus to throw in amongst the tropical green plants already in place. Should look good.Like most Aussies, I am currently distressed at the state of our Federal government. It would be so nice to have a popular Prime Minister. Somehow Julia Gillard’s lack of personality clouds the great amount of good legislation her government has put through to our betterment. She’s obviously a clever woman, and I believe she is philosophically inent on doing the best for the working class, but somehow she is so stiff and formal, so unforthcoming in front of a camera, that the work is forgotten. She’s NOT a Margaret Thatcher, thank God. But neither is she warm enough to attract or encourage popularity. A great shame. My advice? Take the carrot out of your anus, Julia, and unbend!!What happened to Australian politics? Never too big of course on the international stage, but where have all the characters gone? Why is everyone so intent only on getting to and winning the next election? Apart from the now-Liberal Malcolm Turnbull, there’s not a Statesman in sight! WHERE ARE YOU, PAUL KEATING, WHEN WE NEED YOU??? There’s no WIT in Canberra now – just corrosive vitriol. Ugly, ugly.

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