Brisbane is semi-tropical and is the capital of Queensland, Australia.  It’s a hilly city, the hills being remnants of prehistoric volcanoes.  Many of our kerbs are lined with a lovely pinkish stone which is compressed dust from those volcanoes, or so I believe.  It’s a generally clean city, and safer than many other places.  The BrisbaneRiver courses through the city, with “City Cat” catamarans speeding to collect passengers to and from the city.  Relatively cheap, these “river buses” are a great way to see our city – also a wonderful way to start your working day or return home after a hectic time in the office or store.

Very soon now, the city will take on a mauve hue, due to thousands of beautiful Jacaranda trees scattered in parks and gardens throughout.  It seems that wherever you look during September to November each year, you just cannot miss this gorgeous shimmery mauve haze.  Of course, University students look at it in a very different light – fast following on the heels of the blooming trees come the dreaded final exams.

The main trouble with these beautiful trees is that the blossoms fall!  You find that a wonderful place to park your car in the cool shade ends up with inches of blooms over that vehicle when you come to collect it!  This drives people nuts!  Personally, I think it a very small price to pay for such a lovely tree, but then I’m a tree lover and particularly a JACARANDA tree lover!!



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