As far as I can recall, the first thing I bought with my very first pay packet, was a Lime green swing coat.  It had a Peter Pan collar, and two side pockets and just one  button at the neck.  I actually laid-by the coat, and collected it with my second pay, the following week. 

I was14 years of age and working in an office, feeling very independent and worldly; fresh out of High School.  It was the 50’s, and there were jobs a-plenty – one could actually shop around in those days, for the best deal. 

Anyway.  I loved that coat.  I used to fly in it!  Feel very happy,  run down the footpath as fast as I could, into a brisk headwind – and then I’d lift off and fly above the ground – a good ten feet above the pavement.  Arms spread wide, hands in my pockets making the coat spread like a huge single wing. I was always a little worried that someone would see me and think me mad, but so taken with the pure exuberance of the flight, I just kept doing it as often as I could. 

Fifty-odd years later, a therapist told me that most people have exactly the same experience – in their dreams!!  I really thought I could fly. Really, truly thought I could fly and nobody else held the secret.  I didn’t come crashing down to earth, but I was a little disappointed, I have to say.

Life’s like that for most of us, isn’t it?  Wonderful, uplifting experiences and then a gentle thud back to reality and normalcy.  I think it’s a bit sad, really. 

I don’t fly any more.




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